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An aircraft incident is a traumatic event that involves many victims and casualties who are both directly affected as passengers or crew and those who support the response.


Airlines and airports employ response plans to ensure that passengers, crew, staff and others who are affected receive appropriate levels of care and treatment.


UKAEPG provides a forum for UK airlines, airports and other agencies to discuss these issues and learn from experiences in a confidential environment.


In responding to an accident airlines need to have plans in place to effectively handle some of the following often delicate issues:


  • Casualties
  • Victim trauma
  • Personal effects
  • Relatives and friends
  • Providing food / clothing
  • Liaison with emergency services
  • Accident investigation
  • Insurance issues
  • Media interest
  • Memorials
  • Staff care


By careful planning we aim to ensure that all involved in aircraft accidents are treated effectively and in a dignified manner.


Whilst UK commercial aviation enjoys a successful safety record, the airlines take very seriously the effects of incidents and accidents both on the airline, its staff and more importantly on the passengers, their families and others affected.


The group meets four times a year at locations around the UK hosted either by member airlines or service providers. The meetings provide an opportunity to discuss current issues and policies, share ideas and meet with key figures in the field of emergency response. Members attend other forums around the country, monitor airport emergency exercises and also maintain regular contact between meetings.


The UKAEPG Terms of Reference are designed to ensure members are encouraged to adopt the best standards of response to incidents and as a group to encourage Emergency Services, airports and other providers to work closely with the airlines. Members of the group regularly attend airport emergency exercises as observers and provide feedback on the procedures witnessed in such exercises.


The UKAEPG works with other interested bodies including Flight Safety Foundation, European Regions Airline Association, UK Flight Safety Committee and the IATA working group.


Full membership is open to UK airlines, whilst associate membership is available to smaller aviation companies and other organizations with an interest in emergency planning.

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